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The 229 Barkston Drive Practice has been treating families from newborns to the elderly for over 50 years. We continue the legacy of safe, gentle, evidence-based practice. We pride ourselves in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere to those in pain and needing assistance.



Dr Michael Marinus (M.Tech Chiro)

Dr Michael Marinus qualified in 2004 from the University of JHB with an M.Tech degree in Chiropractic. He has since undertaken further training through the UK based Anglo European Chiropractic College as well as attended several courses offered by Australian and American Chiropractic Institutions. He has a passion for working with young families, children and babies in particular. He has had articles published in well-known magazines and newspapers on the subjects of colic and reflux as well as having done previous radio and television interviews on the subject.



Dr Lionel Marinus (D.C)

Dr Lionel Marinus (D.C) studied at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournmouth, England, and has been in practice for over 25 years. He is a world-renowned Karate Instructor with years of experience into the mechanics and functionality of the human body.


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  • Thubelihle Nkomo -

    Good day, i have a 7- months old who is constantly constipated will you be able to help and i saw on the reviews that you also help with crawling i would also need some help there. kind regards

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