Our Happy Patients

Khali de Villers “I have been for a visit with Dr Marinus Chiropractic and he has picked up that Jordan (6 weeks) has reflux, that is why he has been struggling to sleep. Dr Marinus worked his magic and he is a different baby already.”

Irene Detsikas “Dr Marinus is a miracle worker. He helped my little one with her reflux”

Bianca Komadinovic “As everyone else has said, he is amazing. Can’t do any better than Dr Marinus”

Dominic Riberiro “Dr Marinus is awesome. First thing I’m doing after I deliver my baby in 14 weeks is taking her to see him.”

Kim Green “Dr Marinus is brilliant – a life saver. All my kids went to him. My eldest went after struggling for weeks. The twins went straight after coming out of NICU.”

Tamara Keys-Transfeldt “Michael Marinus is truly amazing! A real miracle worker. Even after the first treatment there was a marked improvement”

Happy patients


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